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Grand Inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

Grand inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia
Continuing on with a few hotels in Bali I stayed 4 nights at the Grand Inna Hotel. It is a very big hotel with 320 rooms over a large area so you don't really get the impression that there are so many people here, even though it was nearly full. 

The location is without doubt one of the best in Kuta, it is right by the main entrance to the huge beach which is miles long, The Breakfast area and one of the three pools even back onto the beach and you can go out this way so avoiding any roads at all. From here there are an abundance of places to sit and lots of small shops and some small restaurants very close by. 

So three pools, going from the beach side of the hotel, you
Grand Inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia
have the one I have already mentioned, this has music playing all day and it does get louder until sunset. Its not annoying music though, its pretty cool actually and fits in well. In the middle of the Hotel you have the 2nd pool which is the quietest of the three, it has plenty of sunbeds around it and its pleasant place to sit all day if you want to. People do put towels on the beds but not crazy early and you can get a bed at 9.30-10am no problem at all. The 3rd pool is about the same size as the 2nd one, it has more activities going on for the children and so does get a bit more noisy and pretty busy. There is a swim up bar here as well. 

Learn to Surf Kuta Beach
So plenty of choose to choice from and of course you have the massive beach. The water in Kuta is quite dangerous, it is ideal for those wanting to learn to Surf, but its not very good for toddlers at all. The beach was nice and clean though, and if you have teenagers that want to learn to surf, then this is the place. It costs £18 for a 3 hour lesson, and won't need anymore than that, it is  worth the investment though. After that you can just hire a board for a few hours a day, plenty of places to do that. 

Grand Inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali IndonesiaThe Hotel does go quite quiet in the evening, but thats not always a bad thing, its right in the heart of everything so its not far to walk to Pubs, Restaurants, Shopping Mall or Nightclubs. Its all there. There are two restaurants however one indoors and one outdoors. The indoor one was very quiet when I stayed, the outdoor one was busy. I didn't eat in the evening in the Hotel. 

Grand Inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali IndonesiaThe room I had was very good, it had pool access and had a small terrace, it was a few steps to the pool. The Wi-Fi in the room was excellent, very fast and reliable. The room had recently been decorated and it had everything you could think of in the room, very comfortable, no issues at all. I was in the middle of the Hotel and it wasn't noisy at all. Bathroom was excellent with a great shower.

Breakfast was overlooking the beach by the 1st swimming pool, and it was quite busy, but it was coping ok, I went about 10am 1st day and it was very busy indeed, I went earlier about 7.30 to 8am on the other days and it wasn't too bad. Good selection of everything. What you might expect in such a large hotel. 

Check in and out was fine, again as in most hotels here you
Grand Inna Resort Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia
can leave a deposit and spend that around the Hotel, and although I didn't, but I will in future in Bali as its difficult getting near to the right change all the time. Here service charge is hidden in the price and not added. Which I know is double dutch, but the point is you pay what it says on the menu, not 10% more, much better. 

I had some laundry done here, and I have to say it was excellent, my clothes came back all on hangers extremely well ironed, very impressed indeed. 

So to sum up, if you want a busy hotel right on the beach, like a bit of music and enjoy the sunset then this is a great hotel. Its mid range in price makes it very popular. Short distance to everything this is an excellent choice of hotel if this is the kind of holiday you are looking for. Check out the prices they are pretty good for such a large hotel right on the beach.

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