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Vinpearl Waterpark Phu Qhoc Vietnam

Vinpearl Waterpark Phu Qhoc Vietnam
Vinpearl is owned by a Vietnamese Billionaire, he has major operations in Nha Trang and now in Phu Qhoc. Along with Hotels, the company also has Ferries, Powerboats, a very impressive Cable Car and also in the resort in Phu Qhoc a Waterpark with rides both wet and dry. It is a very large complex that is 35 minutes in a Taxi from Duong Dong one of the main tourist beach areas. I got a seperate independent taxi both ways, and amazingly and a very good testament  it was the same price both ways that was 330.000 dong, that equates to just under £11 very reasonable indeed. This is the quickest way to get to the resort, taking the cheaper transfer bus can often take well over an hour. From the resorts closer to the park there are free shuttle buses. But don't be afraid to use Taxi's in Vietnam they are very cheap indeed and get the job done in half the time.

Tickets can be bought very quickly at the office, there was no queue when I got there at 10am. The 2019 price is Adult 500,000 dong, concession are 400,000 dong. That is for over 60's you do need proof. However for the younger ages it goes on height and the magic height is 140 cm if you are under that you pay less, and if you are under 100 cm then it is free entry.

Vinpearl Waterpark Phu Qhoc Vietnam Your transport might stop so you can buy tickets along the way NO NEED you can buy tickets at the park no problem at all. Be forceful with them, you don't have to buy anything on the way.
There is also a Safari that you can buy duel tickets for, however I did not do that myself so cannot fairly comment, but the ticket price does bump up to 900,000 dong for Adult, about £30

So once inside you will find it to be ultra clean and tidy with huge wide walkways. There are shops and cafes and it is quite impressive. To the right is the Water park, here you can drop off your bag for a few pence, and hire a towel if you need to. One thing I did find is there are not many places to sit, if you get there later than 10am then I doubt you will get anywhere except a bench. There are a few sunbeds so get there at 9am to 9.30am for one of those. It is not a busy place by any means, but just there are so few places where you can make "a base" for the day. Shame really, a bit of a error I feel.

Vinpearl Waterpark Phu Qhoc Vietnam
The water rides are all in good condition and do have lifeguards controlling them, there is a great choice and no queues. Plenty of mats in good condition and plenty of rubber rings. Hard to fault any of that and the water looked very clear and fresh. There were plenty of life jackets around for the younger ones to wear and they all looked brand new.

There is a Dolphin show at 2pm (that could of course change) and the Aquarium besides being somewhere cool to go for 30 minutes or so is excellent. Both are included in the price. Again exceptionally clean and tidy inside and plenty of room to walk around. The fish looked very well cared for indeed.

There are also other rides in the park, only problem was I think that the rides had to wait for enough people to turn up. That might improve early evening when it cools down a bit. It was very hot walking around. However by 5pm it would be a lot easier. Of course a lot of people arrive by coach and are gone by then, so not really sure if that is fact or fiction about the rides being more frequent.

Vinpearl Waterpark Phu Qhoc Vietnam
I think Children aged 3 to 16 would love this place, it is a good day out, but as I have just said it is very hot walking around, but of course if you are in the water park for most of the day that isn't a problem.

I would mark this place the following

Cleanliness and general tidiness  10/10
Gardens 10/10
Rides 9/10
Seating 3/10
Shops and Restaurants 8/10
Aquarium 10/10
Staff 8/10 
Toilet Facilities 9/10 
Cost 7/10

I didn't take my camera all photos were taken by myself 19th Feb 2019 on Phone.

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