Tuesday, 29 January 2019

No Postal address in the UK - You can use ours Expost UK

No Postal address in the UK - You can use ours Expost UK
Looking to move to Asia long term? (or in fact anywhere in the World) and have you thought about how to control your UK post? It can be simple of course, get a family member to forward your mail, but it is a commitment and you might want to keep somethings to yourself. So why not be in complete control and rent a virtual mailbox with a UK address?  This mean you can redirect all your mail from UK Bank, building society, solicitors, insurance, credit cards, HMRC, to a valid UK address. 

You can then log into your mailbox which has a unique easy to remember number look at what has arrived for you in the past few days and decide if you want the item scanned for transmission to you via email, or destroyed, or sent on to your current overseas address which you can change at anytime.

There is a very friendly email backup service open during office hours in the UK you can expect a quick and helpful reply the same day. I have been using the service now for 6 months and have only had to ask a question once, it was dealt with very quickly. I have only requested 2 bits of post to be
forwarded, both arrived safety and well packaged and clearly addressed. In our digital age there is less and less need for post, but there is always going to be a need. You can order from Ebay, Amazon or any UK Store and use your virtual postal address. You can choose which area of the country your address is. Mine for instance is in Taunton. 

So you can sign up for a short term, or for the best rate sign up for a year, if you use the Bonus Code PHOTO you will receive an extra month free of charge. You pay a yearly fee (or shorter without bonus) and then a postal rate which is great value so each item forwarded is paid for from your postal account which is started off with just £20, you can top up at anytime, I have not topped up in 5 months. 

Endorsement, I can really recommend this company, they have done a great job for me, taken any stress out of my UK postage as I live in Thailand. I don't have to keep bothering family or friends, my bank etc know my UK address and send everything to them. I choose what I want to do with
that bit of mail. I am in complete control and it could not be easier.  SIGN UP HERE

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