Saturday, 15 July 2017

Full Moon Lantern Festival Dates Hoi An Vietnam 2018

Hoi An gets extremely busy on a Full Moon Evening. It is celebrated with the lights being turned out, and thousands of Lanterns being turned on. You are advised to make you way into the Old Town and down to the river late afternoon, about 5pm onwards or even earlier if you want to avoid the really busy influx of visitors heading in the same direction. If you want a meal get there early or book in advance. It usually finishes about 9.30pm. Here the dates for 2018. There is a blue moon on March 30th because it is the 2nd full moon in one calendar month. 

30th January 2018
1st March 2018
30th March 2018  
29th April 2018
28th May 2018
27th June 2018
26th July 2018
24th August 2018
23rd September 2018
22nd October 2018
21st November 2018
20th December 2018

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