Monday, 5 January 2015

Tre Bamboo Club Restaurant 55 Tran Hung Doa Hoi An

Tre Bamboo Club and Restaurant 55 Tran Hung Doa Hoi An
Nice Seats to watch the world go by
If you take a walk from the centre of Hoi An and walk up either Le Loi or Hoang Dieu you cross over vertical streets running east to west Phan Boi Chau then Tran Phu and next you will reach Tran Hung Doa which is another interesting street to explore.

The main Hoi An Hospital is on this street and by the intersection and traffic lights you will find Tre Bamboo Club and Restaurant. Inside is a very tidy bar and restaurant with some great local food.

Incidentally next door is a little shop and in there lives and works a Doctor (who's name I have misplaced I will find it and add it next month) who worked during the Vietnamese war who is very interesting to talk to

Tre Bamboo Club and Restaurant 55 Tran Hung Doa Hoi An
Bamboo Wine Brewed and Ready

You will also see some of their very famous Bamboo Wine ready to taste. It's worth a shot as well! Its supposed to be very good for you, so the Doctor explained! This is a great place to also try, lovely coffee, beer, snacks, and cocktails, all at excellent prices. Really it's a great pit stop as you explore the City. They also show sport inside and have a list outside of the premiership games coming up.

The whole establishment is spotless with very good clean toilets so its very easy to highly recommend a visit to Tre Bamboo Club.

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