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Duparc Hotel Fantastic Quality in Superb Building in Dalat

 Duparc Hotel Fantastic Quality in Superb Building in Dalat
You cannot really go to Dalat without noticing the superb building that is the DuParc Hotel in the centre of Dalat. Built in 1932 in the colonial french style it is a very impressive building indeed.

Although Dalat was almost war free it did see some terrible losses during a very brief period in the Tet Offensive of 1968. But, mainly due to the very strong positions held around the town and because of the terrain and location (1500 metres above sea level) once bad losses were taken by the attacking forces they withdrew and left Dalat in relative peace. Dalat had defended itself.
Duparc Hotel Fantastic Quality in Superb Building in Dalat
The buildings survived and although the Duparc Hotel was closed it open in 1997 after a long 2 year renovation that means it is now the splendid building inside and out. It is a five star hotel, and the ambiance and elegance just give you that in bucketfuls. It is described as a chic boutique hotel.

The Hotel has just 140 rooms and for a building this size that is not that many, which is of course good news if you are staying here.

The rooms are modern with great wi-fi and everything you would expect from a 5 star hotel. The Tripadvisor reports are mostly ok, I think you either love staying in a Hotel like this, or you don't. It's not everyone's cup of tea it has to be said, but it is a FINE hotel with great staff and it is a wonderful building that is hard to argue against. The grounds, location and views are just fantastic.

I think Dalat is a special place to visit (because of it's location you might only go here once) so why not treat yourself and you might be well surprised at the price of about £26 for a standard room and £79 a night for a very large junior suite! On Agoda  and That is excellent value in anyone's money.

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