Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A day out to Vung Tau by Hydrofoil from Hoi Chi Minh City

A day out to Vung Tau by Hydrofoil from Hoi Chi Minh City
Bran New Vessels for 2017

Please note there are now new Hydrofoils on this route January 2017, more information to be added soon, it is run by Greenlines DP and the craft are far more updated than the old ones.

If you fancy a day trip out of Hoi Chi Minh City a good idea is to catch the Hydrofoil to Vung Tau. It takes about one hour and 15 minutes and while it might not be the best transport in the whole world the seats are comfortable and the trip isn't too long. I will say however once the foil does get into open water it does get quite choppy, or bumpy is probably a better word. The bumpy bit takes about 20 minutes, the rest of the journey is very smooth indeed.
Old Hydrofoil

It is best to have a bit of a plan for your time that you choose to stay for. There are various times for the transport back to HCMC so you can pick a time. We caught a taxi round to a beach (Note only use Vina Sun taxis do not under any circumstances get a "friendly guy" taxi they will rip you off, perhaps arrange for the same Vina Sun taxi to pick you up) We had a walk along the deserted beach, it was interesting, but a lot of work needs doing to make this an attractive beach to stay on long term. But the water was really warm when we went in February. It was baking hot inland and impossible to do any walking there, so that needs to be taken into consideration. But, walking along the beach was very pleasant indeed. We caught a taxi back to the Lan Rung Resort & Spa Hotel (review coming up next) which we spotted on the way and stopped there for a late lunch, before getting a Taxi back to the Ferry terminal. 

Vung Tau is famous for it's oil rigs, you can see them quite easily. Aussies work the rigs and so the town is quite popular with them. We didn't see the place at night when I expect it does get a bit busier, as it was just far too hot in the day to be any other place than the beach. Worth the trip overall though. There are reports of the Hydrofoil breaking down, but I suggest not that often, probably better than British Rail considering their age I would suggest! The cost is about £4 or $6 per trip per person. So it cost about £16 around $24 for a good day out for 2 people. An interesting day!

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